Watchlists panel

Watchlists panel allows you to organize your favorite coins into groups so you can easily track changes in the market. You can create your own watchlists or use the default ones.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - strategies groups
Click on the name of the watchlist and a menu will appear. You can create a new watchlist from there or load an existing one.
Type in the Add pair to list + search menu to search for coin-pairs. Click on a coin in the menu to add it to your list.
The(Settings) menu lets you rename and delete a list.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - add pair to watchlist, manage list
You can sort the watchlist table by clicking on the column you want to sort by.
Click on a row to load the chart of the coin pair.
- removes the coin pair from the list.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - how to work with a watchlist
You can also change the pair of the chart by clicking on the pair on the chart and then type to search for a new one. Different timeframes are available - select the one you need.
Use theto add an indicator to the chart.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - coin-pair chart