Trading panel

Trading panel shows all your running strategies in one place. Simulations go under the Simulations tab and Live trading strategies go under the Trade Live tab. Selecting a strategy in the trading panel also selects it in theGroups paneland places it in theActions panel. The selectedgroupis also applied to the trading panel.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - trading with strategies
For a strategy to appear in the Trading panel, you need to start it from theActions panelfor the first time. After that you can control it from both panels.
InTable viewyou can sort the Trading table by strategy name, trading pair, result %, or status. You can also search by keyword in the name, pair, indicator or timeframe of the strategy. You can choose the columns of the table by clicking thein the top left corner of the table.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - trading with strategies
You can select many strategies at once and control them together or you can use the buttons on just one.
- starts the simulation or live trading
- stops the simulation or live trading
- removes the trades of the simulation or live trading
- removes the simulation or live trading
- the notification for open and close of trades is off. Click it to turn it on.
- the notification for open and close of trades is on. Click it to turn it off.
- manually open a trade with the set trading parameters
- manually close a trade
When there is an open trade the current profit/loss of the open trade will be shown. The bot uses the BID prices for the calculation of the open trade profit/loss percentages. It also includes the commissions for both trades (Buy and Sell). The commission depends on your exchange settings (generally it will be between -0.15% and -0.20%). The profit/loss is updated every 10 seconds and not on every BID change. The actual result after close of the trade may differ from the last shown profit/loss of the open trade. This can be due to the liquidity/volatility character of the traded coin, lag in the update of the result of the open trade, and etc.
In Live trading if you need to close the open trade manually do it by clicking on theinstead of selling the amount directly on the website of the exchange. Otherwise, later the bot may try to close the trade according to the sell options. If there is enough balance in your account, it will sell it. The manual sell will be executed with a Market sell order.
The Status shows the current condition of every execution. An icon will appear for connection problems, problem with the execution or strategy condition in effect. A critical error in the execution will stop it from running. In case of other events the execution will resume automatically when the event is no longer in effect.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - status of running strategy