Buttons & Charts

You can view or edit your strategies directly from the Trading or Simulation pages with the Strategy buttons.
crypto trading bot - strategy buttons
The Trading buttons and the Simulation buttons are available on both Strategies and Trading/Simulation pages. You can:
1) Restart/stop the execution
2) Edit execution parameters
3) Check trade details
4) Delete the execution.
crypto trading bot - trading buttons
The / button turns notifications on/off for open and close of trades.

You can select many executions at once and change them with the buttons under the search bar.
1) Restart execution(s)
2) Stop execution(s)
3) Close open trades with Market sell and stop execution(s).
4) Reset execution(s) to inital state. Trades will be removed. Open trades will be closed with Market sell.
5) Delete execution(s)
crypto trading bot - trading buttons
The Status shows the current condition of every execution. An icon will appear for connection problems, problem with the execution or strategy condition in effect. A critical error in the execution will stop it from running. In case of other events the execution will resume automatically when the event is no longer in effect.
crypto trading bot - status of execution
Charts for strategies with two timeframes:

When your strategy has two different timeframes the candlestick chart will be on the smaller timeframe. The indicator on the bigger timeframe will have the same value displayed for the composing small-timeframe-candles. For example, let's say you have a 5 min timeframe and a 15 min timeframe in your strategy. The indicator on the 15 min timeframe will change its value every 15 minutes. That value will correspond to every 5-min-candle that is in the 15-min-candle.
Crosses of the indicators will always appear between candles. But actually they can happen at any time during the candle. The cross implies that the indicator moved from one value to another and with that it crossed a line. In the previous example – the cross will appear between the 15 min candles. But it could have happened due to a move in the price that happened in the middle of the 15-min-candle.
There can be more than 1 trade in one big-timeframe-candle. For example, in the previous 15 minutes the Stochastic had a value of 12. Now, the price is changing and the indicator jumps to 18, which makes it cross the D-line from bottom to top. That’s the buy rule in the strategy and the bot triggers a buy. At some point during the current 15 minutes the price reaches the stoploss and the bot closes the trade. After the close it checks again the buy rules. The K-line now has a value of 15. As we are still in the same 15-minute-candle the previous value of Stochastic K-line remains 12. Let’s hypothesise that the D-line also fell and the value of 15 is above it. That means that we still have a cross. Thus, the buy rule is true and the bot triggers a new trade.
crypto trading bot - charts for strategies with two timeframes