You can find all your strategies on the Strategies page under the Strategies List.
You can sort the table by strategy name or pair. You can also filter strategies by keyword in the name, pair, indicator or timeframe.
Click on the buttons to run a backtest, an optimization or to trade with a strategy.
After creating a strategy you can check how it would have performed in the past with the Backtest option. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can run an optimization. The optimization will backtest thousands of variations of your strategy. It will give you the 3 best results in 3 different categories. You can update your strategy with one of them depending on your preferences or save it/them as a new strategy. When you are all done hit the trading button to start trading or simulate real trading to see how things go.
crypto trading bot - strategies list
With the action buttons you can:
1) Inspect a strategy without editing.
2) Edit a strategy.
3) Duplicate a strategy.
4) Delete a strategy.
crypto trading bot - strategy buttons: inspect, edit, duplicate, delete