To run an optimization on a strategy click on the in the "Optimize" column of the "Strategies List" table.
Click on "Results" to see the results.
crypto trading bot - start strategy optimization
The optimization parameters lets you choose:
  • time period for which you want the coin to be optimized. The more diverse are the moves of the coin in that period, the more robust your strategy will be to market changes. However, it may not be the best strategy for strong up or down moves. We recommend reruning the optimization periodically to see if your strategy needs to be adjusted.
  • trade size is good to be included depending on your preferred coin and size. During real trading it can be hard to get in and out of position with big trade size on illiquid coin. Big trade sizes on illiquid coins can move the move the price of the coin while their filled. This can turn profitable positions into losing ones. If you enter trade size the optimization will account for it and will select the best strategies for your preferred trade size.
  • commission rate - you can adjust it according to the commission for your exchange account
  • parameters of the strategy to optimize. The Advanced options lets you select which rules exactly you want to be optimized.
crypto trading bot - strategy optimization parameters
The optimization will test many variations of your strategy and will come up with 3 strategies in 3 different fields:
Consistent return - stable results in a consistent pattern – in 95% of the time the strategy has a chance to return a similar result.
Risk/Reward – result has the best return for the lowest risk.
Max total return – result has the biggest total return including trades with extreme low or high results.
crypto trading bot - start strategy optimization
Click on a Save button to see the parameters of the optimized strategy. You can choose to overwrite the existing strategy or save it as a new one.
crypto trading bot - start strategy optimization