Manual trading panel

In the Manual trading panel you can make direct purchases and sales without strategies, without automation. The manual trading panel can be found as a separate sub-tab panel and as a bottom panel underWachlistsandAccountspanels.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - Manual trading through the platform
The Manual trading menus:
  • accounts menu - you can add a new account from there or load an existing one.
  • pair selection - type to search for a pair to trade with.
  • Open trades tab - keeps all currently active manual positions. You can close them or add stoploss and target. If you don't need to see the trade as an active position you can simply remove it with the. This will not close the position and the bought coin will remain in your balance.
  • History tab - keeps all closed manual positions. You can remove them with the.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - manual trading panel menus
After selecting the pair you want to trade with, click on theBuyorSell button. TheBuywill buy the base coin of the pair and you will have it in your account balance. TheSellwill sell the base coin and you will receive the quote coin in your balance. The Base coin is the coin on the left side of the coin pair. The Quote coin is the coin on the right side of the coin pair. For example, BTCUSDT - base is BTC, quote is USDT.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - manual trading panel menus
You can choose your trading size and type of the order. The order type applies only to the immediate action - buy or sell. The stoploss and target in manual trading are executed with Market orders.
  • market – the filling of the Market order can move the price of the trading pair if there is not enough trading volume and your trading size is too big. The order will continue to fulfil on portions during the rising of the price until it is complete. The final price will be the average of all mini-portions. This is the way exchanges operate.
  • limit - you can choose the price for the Limit order. On the exchange the buying will happen only on this price. If the price moves, the completion of the order will stop. This is the way exchanges operate.