The layout of the platform can be adjusted to maximise your comfort while working with it. Main components include:
  • - Dragable lines - use them to adjust the height and width of the panels
  • - expand the panel
  • - contract the panel
  • - hide setup
  • - show setup
  • Layout- customize the position of the panels
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - Layout setup
The position of the panels in BotTrading can be further adjusted by Layoutto maximize your comfort when working with strategies. It's easy to set up and you can choose between different views according to your preferences.
The default layout is Multi Panels View with two page views. You can remove views, add new ones, change their names, type and position of panels. Each view you add will appear in the menu above the panels with its corresponding name. When you click on it, it will open the page in the corresponding view type with the content you selected for that view.
In Single Panel View all panels appear as type 1. You can navigate to the desired panel via the menu.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - Layout views setup