Trade Live

The number of simultaneously running live trading strategies depends on your subscription plan. "Unlimited" live trading strategies means that the maximum number depends only on the capabilities of the computer running the application. We don't recommend running more than 100 at a time unless the computer can handle more than these.
Live trading is the ultimate goal of your strategies, what you created them for - to make you money. After diligently improving your strategy by optimizing, backtesting it and letting it run in Simulation, now is the time to let it "live".
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - live trading
To run Live trading firstselect the strategyfrom the group table. On theActions panelclick on Trade live. Enter your setup and start the trading.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - strategy live trading setup
Live trading setup:
  • trading size - can be in the Base, in Quote or in Percent.
    • The Base coin is the coin on the left side of the coin pair.
    • The Quote coin is the coin on the right side of the coin pair. For example, BTCUSDT - base is BTC, quote is USDT.
    • Percents sets the size as a percentage of the amount of the quote coin of the strategy pair in your account. If trading size percent for the same quote coin is set on more than one strategy, the sequence of their orders does not affect their actual trading size. For example, let's say that strategy A is set to trade with 10% of the available 100 ETH in the account. Strategy B is set with 15% of the 100 ETH. Strategy A will set buy orders with 10 ETH and B will set buy orders with 15 ETH. It does not matter if A places its order before B or the other way around. After close of a trade the win/loss of ETHs will trigger recalculation of the trade sizes for the next buy orders for both strategies.
    Bear in mind that it can be hard to get in and out of position with a big trade size on illiquid coin. Big trade sizes on illiquid coins can move the price of the coin while they are being filled. This can turn profitable positions into losing ones.
    If you run many strategies with the same quote coin the sum of all trade sizes can exceed 100%. In that situation at some point of the trading one or more strategies may lack the needed amount for trading. In such case the strategy(ies) will continue to run. It/They will try to buy again after short amount of time if the rules are still fulfilled.
  • orders type:
    • market – all orders will be Market orders. The filling of the Market order can move the price of the trading pair if there is not enough trading volume and your trading size is too big. The order will continue to fulfil on portions during the rising of the price until it is complete. The final price will be the average of all mini portions. This is not bot dependant, but the way exchanges operate.
    • limit - the bot will place Limit orders for the opening Buy, Target sell and Trailing target sell. Stoploss and time stop are always executed as Market orders. The price that triggers the buy becomes the price for the Limit order. On the exchange the buying will happen only on this price. If the price moves, the completion of the order will stop. This is not bot dependant, but the way exchanges operate. To give some space so the full or close to full size of the order can fill, you can set orders price tolerance. This is a price range up to which the buy/sell can continue to complete. If the open (buy) position is partial, the closing (sell) will also be with the same amount. After 1 minute if a Buy order is not even partially filled, the bot will cancel the order.
    Both types of orders may generate leftovers (amount under the minimum requirement of the exchange for a valid trade). Leftovers are not managed by the bot and you have to trade them manually.
  • additional stop options - drawdown, total loss and negative trades in a row. They do not stop the current trade with a sell, but stop the whole live trading of the strategy. The bot evaluates them after every close of a trade.
    • Drawdown stops the live trading if the total loss of one or more than one consecutively closed trades exceeds the set percentage.
    • Total loss stops the live trading if the total loss from all trades exceeds the set percentage.
    • Negative trades in a row - the live trading will stop after the set number of consecutive negative trades.
After you start live trading with a strategy, the strategy will appear in theTrading panelunder Trade Live. You can control the trading from there or from theActions panelas well.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - strategy simulation controls
- starts the trading
- stops the trading
- removes the trades of the trading, but does not close an open trade. Close it manually via thebefore that.
- removes the trading, but does not close an open trade. Close it manually via thebefore that.
- manually open a trade with the set trading parameters. You will be able to choose the order type - Market or Limit.
- manually close a trade
When there is an open trade the current profit/loss of the open trade will be shown. The bot uses the BID prices for the calculation of the open trade profit/loss percentages. It also includes the commissions for both trades (Buy and Sell). The commission depends on your exchange settings (generally it will be between -0.15% and -0.20%). The profit/loss is updated every 10 seconds and not on every BID change. The actual result after close of the trade may differ from the last shown profit/loss of the open trade. This can be due to the liquidity/volatility character of the traded coin, lag in the update of the result of the open trade, and etc. If you need to close the open trade manually do it by clicking on theinstead of selling the amount directly on the website of the exchange. Otherwise, later the bot may try to close the trade according to the sell options. If there is enough balance in your account, it will sell it. The manual sell will be executed with a Market sell order.
Live trading results can be seen in the Results section of theActions panelor by clicking thein theTrading paneltable.
EasyCryptoBot - crypto trading bot - strategy simulation result